Jumbo Banner
This banner position measures 728x90 and rotates atop all pages of Perfect for the company that wishes to capture and continuously reinforce their brand’s message. The jumbo banner rotation ensures that you remain seen across all pages of!
Home Feature
This prime 300x250 real estate on the homepage of offers advertisers the opportunity to showcase rich media movie trailers, product demos or simply display their brand's latest promotional message. Seen by all who land on the homepage of XFANZ, this placement delivers high-impact results!
Showcase Feature
The XFANZ Directory serves as a resource for links to adult entertainment sites, products and services. Visitors of XFANZ visit the directory to check out what's new, who's in and what's hot. There is no better way for a company to directly target consumers based on market niche than by securing a directory showcase spot highlighting their brand prominence. This package includes a 160x90 banner, text description and a website URL.
Want your company's message on a highly prominent vertical spot? This spot offers companies the opportunity to be seen on all pages of XFANZ, including the homepage! This vertical spot measures 200x600.
This banner rotation is positioned above the fold of the homepage and is a great addition to any other package or alone. This spot measures 200x150.

Junior Spot
Positioned right below the Spotlight, this spot offers great value. Measures 200x80.

Sponsored Text Links
If banners aren't your thing, XFANZ offers a limited number of textlinks that are positioned throughout the entire site. Only 8 available on a first come, first served basis.
Need a custom promotion? (take-overs, front page skins, etc.) Contact us for details.
* supports rich media advertising.
* Package deals are available based on frequency and combination of components.
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