Valley Meets Harold and Kumar
Monday, February 12, 2007

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Super-mega-busty adult star Echo Valley has been cast in the biggest role of her career to date: She'll be featured in the upcoming comedy sequel Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam alongside the original film's stars Kal Penn, John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris.

"I read the script on the plane and it was hilarious," she told XFANZ. "I kept laughing out loud. Everyone around me thought I was mental, but I didn't care. This is gonna be a very funny movie. The script is better than the first one."

A self-professed movie buff, Valley was delighted to discover that the same creative team behind the first film was in charge of making the sequel.

The original film followed stoner buddies Harold and Kumar as they spent one crazy evening attempting to reach a White Castle hamburger joint. Their quest takes on an epic, almost mythic scale as circumstances far beyond their control keep them from reaching their initially simple goal. It was a huge smash on DVD and a sequel was greenlit immediately, although it took nearly two and a half years for producers to get the original crew back together.

Valley couldn't believe her good fortune in getting the part.

"It was just a freak thing more than anything else," Valley told XFANZ. "They had auditioned hundreds of women but none of them fit the image they were looking for. Meanwhile, I was feature dancing in, of all places, Odessa, Texas while the producers were in town. They Googled the keywords 'big busty blonde' and 'Texas' and, wouldn't you know it, my website came up and was the very first thing they saw. It was just a lucky combination of keywords. They checked my website, saw my picture and said, 'That's the look!'"

Valley studied acting for five years before focusing on her adult career, which had taken off in the meantime. When she received the call to audition, she thought that someone was pulling a prank on her. The film's producers assured her that they weren't kidding around . They wanted her to read for a part similar to Dolly Parton's in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, so they flew her back to Texas -- her dance schedule had since taken her elsewhere -- and, though she read cold and from an incomplete script, she nailed the audition. The producers cast her on the spot.

"You always hear about how everyone in Hollywood is so mean, but it was the exact opposite for me," she said. "Everyone showed a great deal of respect and didn't treat me like I was 'only a porn star.' But oh my God, they did love the tits."

Although she couldn't give away too many details about the top-secret sequel, Valley revealed that the producers liked her enough to ask her back for the proposed third film in the series, which is in its planning stages.

Valley begins filming her part beginning Feb. 27 and is scheduled to work until March 2. She has two major scenes, one with stars Kal Penn and John Cho and the other with Neil Patrick Harris, who stole the show in the first film playing himself. Given her past acting experience, she's been given the rare opportunity to ad-lib her lines -- provided, of course, that they fit into the film's overall storyline.

"It's a pivotal character in the film," she said. "But I can't tell you any more about her until the shoot is completed and everything's done. The story's being kept under wraps so that nothing gets spoiled for the fans. I can tell you that the role fits my personality perfectly. I rely on my sense of humor and timing for my stage shows, and you'll get to see that in the film."

Valley has been given permission to take behind-the-scenes photographs of her time on the set, which she'll publish on her website,

Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam is scheduled for a summer 2007 release, though a firm date has not been set.

In the end, Valley was extremely excited about landing the role.

"It's gonna kick my career in the butt," she said.

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