Sexy Slapstick Videos: Q&A
Thursday, April 5, 2007

A webmaster known only as The Piemaster runs, which specializes in dousing women and men in a lot of food while they have sex. He spoke with XFANZ about a fetish he says is underrated.
Lamond, where did you get the idea for Sexy Slapstick Videos?

Well, I love seeing sexy female models who are the supermodel type or the girl-next-door type. Then I combine that with old-fashioned slapstick comedy like The Three Stooges and those variety shows of the 60s and 70s to create Sexy Slapstick Videos. You don't see many women getting messy on TV or at the movies. It's a fetish true enough, and it's popular overseas. Too bad it's not in the United States, because lot of people are afraid of their shadows and want to be politically correct. Personally, I think that's a load of crap, and that's why we're seen in a negative light and laughed at around the world.

Is this a fetish you enjoy yourself?

Yes, and I think most people inside would enjoy it, but are afraid to admit it because of fear of being called weird, a freak or simply not normal. A lot of women who are might say that it was downright sexist and degrading women. I dismiss that. I think seeing a woman getting plastered with pies, covered in chocolate, green slimed and everything else is a huge thrill! It's a thrill both for the fun and sex, and I think it has a place in the adult industry, but sadly my site has has been overlooked and overshadowed for years.

What do slapstick comedy and adult entertainment have in common? Why mix the two?

Well, I think with adult entertainment, anything funny can happen -- just like with improv. Slapstick humor is totally unpredictable but not hokey. For example, you see a regular porno scene: a hot actress gives a blowjob and then rides the guy's huge joystick. Typically, you know what's going to happen next, but you don't expect her to get a pie in the face or covered in chocolate or anything messy while that's happening. That's the surprise factor, but unfortunately a lot of people can't imagine those two things going together. I think they should sometimes, just to mix things up. Instead of a bubble bath, why not have the girl take a hot chocolate bath? And while she's taking her bath, why not give her another hot surprise? In a nutshell, you should be mixed up.

What would be your dream cast for a Sexy Slapstick video?

Any female with big tits and guy with a dick at least eight inches long. All of them nude and plastering the women with whipped-cream pies, and the women giving them all a blowjob while still getting pied. That would be my dream shoot.

If you could cream anyone on earth with a pie, who would it be?

Jenna Jameson or Jesse Jane or just any hot blonde, brunette or redhead in the adult industry. Or not! Any hot woman, really, but those names were on the top of my head.

What are your plans for the future? How will Sexy Slapstick grow?

To produce more videos for as long as possible. will grow if people start to give it a look-through. We have plenty of titles for sale. I would love to work with more female models and maybe some guys too. Anyone who's interested in trying to do something different should email me. Just make sure you're not afraid to get messy!

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